“Miniature Thread Crochet Moose Pattern”

Pattern # 6

I am very happy to offer you my thread crochet moose pattern. Mortimer Moose is a fun pattern that you will enjoy making. This pattern is available as a Printed Book Pattern , as a CD or as a PDF Download. See below for details.

You can make your own cute little Moose similar to the one that is shown in the pictures below. The pattern contains 10 pages of detailed instructions and pictures to help you make your own special moose. The head is made in a one piece style with his antlers as the focal point of his head. You can make different looking moose by simply changing the colors of thread, or you could make your moose one solid color. How about making a wild looking moose from bright colors! By changing the type of thread or yarn you use and your hook size your moose can be made into many different sizes and textures. There are also many tips and some diagrams included in the pattern to help you with your step by step creation of your own Mortimer Moose. 

The moose shown in the pictures below is not included. It is to show a sample of a finished moose made from this pattern. Click on pictures for larger views. 


Acrylic Punch Thread was used on the moose pictured in this pattern.


PDF Download: When payment is made with PayPal you will be sent an email from debi@tedsfromthreads.com with link(s) to download the pattern(s) you purchased. You will have 3 days to download the pattern(s) before the link(s) expire. If you order other items on the same order with the PDF(s) those items will be sent via regular mail. 


PDF Download



Older Pattern Corrections: There are a couple of errors in the pattern that have been corrected. These errors will be found on patterns already sent out. New orders will receive the corrected pattern. The errors are as follows:


On the Leg on round 24 it should read  

Rnds 24:  7 sc [sc next 2 sts tog] 2 times = 16 sc

and the rounds marked 18 and 19 on the leg should be marked rounds 27 and 28. 

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